Fiesta Week

Event Schedule

Friday, May 4th

Paper Plate Lucidor Craft

Nachoooooooooo! No wrestling involved n this craft time, but you will sure look the part!

La Gallinita Ciega Game

Squawk like a chicken, crow like a rooster , and bray like a donkey! Can you keep "The Blind Hen" from tagging you? If La Gallinta Ciega catches you... you're It!

Color Time w/Yogi™

Create your own fun Yogi themed tote bags, pillowcases, or string bags to remember your Jellystone adventure! Items are available for purchase in Ranger Station. Please purchase item before activity starts. Markers provided during activity. Costs vary dep

Maracas Craft

Make a fun musical instrument to shake along to the music at the Fiesta!

Scavanger Hunt Pick Up w/Yogi™

Scavenger Hunt.

Family Movie

Family friendly G or PG movie. Bring your own blanket and chair!

Late Movie (PG-13)

Family friendly PG-13 movie. Bring your own blanket and chair!

Saturday, May 5th

Fishing at the Pond w/Yogi™

Join us at the pond for a fishing adventure with Yogi Bear! We will have an experienced fishing guide available for help and advice if needed. Bring your own fishing supplies (available for purchase in Ranger Station).

Escondidas Game

We will meet at the pavilion and then walk together to another location to play this traditional game! A great active group game, Escondidas is a lot like Hide-and-Seek, so for safety parents must attend with their children.

Papel Picado Banner Campsite Craft

Literally "pecked paper", Papel Picado is a beautiful decoration made from cut tissue paper and strung into a banner. Hang it up and show your Fiesta spirit!

Ceramics Painting w/Yogi™

Join us while we hang out with Yogi and make memories to take home. Please purchase your item from the Ranger Station before activity starts. Paint and brushes provided during activity. Costs vary depending on item chosen.

Loteria Game

This traditional game is similar to Bingo but is played with a deck of cards and Bingo style cards. Come and play with us and tell us which you like better!

Fiesta w/Yogi Bear™

Join Yogi Bear™ for a Cinco de Mayo Fiesta on Saturday night at 7 pm! We will have walking tacos, punch, a pinata and a movie! Free for 2 adults and 3 children per site. Additional guests will be $5 per person.

Late Movie (PG-13)

Family friendly PG-13 movie. Bring your own blanket and chair!