Imaginarium Week

Event Schedule

Friday, April 27th

Fortunately, Unfortunatley Game

Susie was walking down the street one day when, fortunately, she found $100! Unfortunately, now it’s the next person’s turn to add to Susie’s story and she is going to get chased by the owner of that money. In this turn-taking game you never what lies aro

Put on a Puppet Show w/Yogi™

We’ll provide the puppets. You provide the imagination!

Color Time w/Yogi™

Create your own fun Yogi themed tote bags, pillowcases, or string bags to remember your Jellystone adventure! Items are available for purchase in Ranger Station. Please purchase item before activity starts. Markers provided during activity. Costs vary dep

Imagination Scavenger Hunt Game

Unlike a typical scavenger hunt where you know exactly what you need to find, this one will have you searching both your surroundings and your imagination as you look for something that could belong to a dragon, objects that create a face, something from

Create a Giant Sidewalk Chalk Mural w/Yogi™

Transform our pavilion from plain pavement into a beautiful mural! We will provide the chalk but we need you to bring your ideas!

Family Movie

Family friendly G or PG movie. Bring your own blanket and chair!

Late Movie (PG-13)

Family friendly PG-13 movie. Bring your own blanket and chair!

Saturday, April 28th

Fishing at the Pond w/Yogi™

Join us at the pond for a fishing adventure with Yogi Bear! We will have an experienced fishing guide available for help and advice if needed. Bring your own fishing supplies (available for purchase in Ranger Station).

Use Your Imagination and Create a Costume Piece for the Party!

We’ll give you some supplies and you can imagine whatever you want to become! Ingenuity is the name of the game for this activity!

What Happens Next? Game

Story telling takes on a new challenge when you finish what someone else starts!

Ceramics Painting w/Yogi™

Join us while we hang out with Yogi and make memories to take home. Please purchase your item from the Ranger Station before activity starts. Paint and brushes provided during activity. Costs vary depending on item chosen.

Salt Painting Craft

Create a picture with glue, pour on some salt and use water colors to add color to your creation for a unique craft to take home!

Costume Party w/Yogi Bear™!

Dress up as your favorite character, or make up something no one has ever seen before! No matter what you decide to be you’ll have a ball at our party!

Late Movie (PG-13)

Family friendly PG-13 movie. Bring your own blanket and chair!